Hello folks, my name is Garv and I am an Investment Adviser located in Ludhiana, Punjab. My initiative towards creating my own blogging website was the keep the population updated on all matters related to the capital markets of our country. The timing of me creating this blog is during the bearish phase of the world’s markets. However, I do not consider this as a negative. In fact, this is a positive as for every bad event, there is a start and an end. Once the end of this Coronavirus pandemic is determined, the rays of the sun will once more shine on the world’s stock markets. This si when people decide to buy shares.

With that said, here is a little contribution of mine that may help you make any decisions on whether to buy or sell stocks. Not only that, i will also be speaking of things related to the stock market in any fashion. It is not necessary that i write about stocks specifically. Hope my words add some sort of benefit to your lives.

Lastly, I am in no way advising you to buy or sell shares or any asset for that matter. Everything that is mentioned on this website is my views on the particular subject. I am in no way instigating you to take a decision based on my words. You may read my words and form your own opinion. The results of which, I will not be held accountable for.