How to do affiliate marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the form of marketing services or products that involves electronic devices such as Desktop Computers, Mobile phone. Digital marketing also includes Facebook management, Marketing, Sponsored Ads, Google ad words and other many things. With digital marketing, we can promote and sell products and services. Digital marketing has many types like Se arch Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing and Pay-per-click Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, Viral Marketing, Mobile Phone Advertising. Here we will talk about affiliate marketing deeply.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the way by which you earn a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products. The affiliate simply chose that product they enjoy, then promotes that product and earns the profit from each sale they make. For many thousands, professional bloggers affiliate marketing is a key source of online income. More online businesses become involved in affiliate marketing to provide opportunities for bloggers, like you and I. Affiliate marketing is a very large industry for earning profit.

 Many businesses that work directly with affiliates, most affiliate marketers will use an affiliate marketing network to find their bloggers offering. While these affiliate platforms will earn a small fee for any kind of fee, they will serve a valuable purpose in the affiliate marketing environment.

The Merchant

A merchant is a person who trades in goods manufactured by other people. Historically, a trader is one of who is involved in a business. As long as industry, trade and commerce exist traders worked. A trader, also known as a seller or retailer, is an individual or business that sells a product or provides a service. Collaborates with merchants and affiliate marketer to promote products and services.


In this article, we talk about how to write an Amazon product review for affiliate websites. Firstly we will write down the product’s name, then we will write the product introduction and tell us all about it. There will be using the links in description that take us to amazon sites. Then we will write the features, benefits and specifications of the product within one paragraph. Use the images of the product Added the paragraph for customer reviews and scores in which the customer gives reviews and the average score for the product. In conclusion, we write a summary of the main points of the reviews in a short paragraph.


There are two types of Ranking one is On-page SEO and the other is Off-page SEO.

  1. On-page SEO is one important process you can use for achieving higher ranking in a search engine organic results. In on-page SEO you can write a unique article with keywords. On-page SEO commonly practices include optimizing title tags, internet links and URLs. You can control the factors on your website by On-page SEO. Site structure, content and speed are the things that include on-page SEO to optimize your website.
  2. Off-page SEO is known as Off-site SEO. Off-page SEO is called to actions taken outside of your website to impact your rankings within search engines result in pages (SERPs). The successful off-site SEO strategy will generate the benefits to the owner of the website like increase the Ranking, Increase the Page Rank.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

  • The interesting thing for bloggers is that affiliate marketing has almost no financial risk. The bloggers have not to invest a single penny in many cases of merchant business.
  • You have to promote online products to increase your income by getting more commission with a lot of sales.
  • In affiliate marketing, you do not need to be a business graduate or expert to success.
  • For all the stockholder affiliate marketing is the most effective and profitable marketing technique.

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