How To Add Estimated Reading Time In Your WordPress Posts

Blogging and WordPress

WordPress is a premium tool to design your websites, and there is no doubt about it. It has emerged out to be an excellent platform for budding and established bloggers. It is interactive and is equipped with easy to use tools and layouts. All these features make it a reliable blogging website.

WordPress has been ruling the blogging industry since long. Yet, there is one feature it lacks. Adding this feature could make your WordPress experience all-the-more better.

Reading the audience’s mind

No one wants to read an article that is of variable lengths. Some people prefer to read long scripts while short prose interest others. This is why WordPress should allow the option to display read time. Reading time can be added in two ways:

1. Using WordPress plugin development tools

2. Without using a plugin

Before we tell you how you can add a read time, you might ask why it is necessary to add read time. And the answer is pretty simple. Adding an estimated reading time to your posts encourages users to read it instead of swiping away.

Advantages of adding read time to your posts

As a person who writes regular blogs, you want your content to reach out to more and more people. The secondary focus, however, is to maximize the time people spend on your post.

The time people spend viewing your article is directly proportional to conversion rates. In other words, more time means more profitability.

Time is a super essential constraint to anything. We all want the best results in the least amount of time. With the estimated reading time displayed along with your post, the user gets an idea of how long it will take to reach his solution. In return, this increases your post’s likeability.

How to add reading time to your WordPress posts?

WordPress web development has facilitated many tasks through the use of plugins. Yet, plugins are not the only medium to add reading time to your posts.

1. Going manual

The simplest way to add a read time is to calculate and type it explicitly along with your post’s content. The manual method appears to be comfortable when we talk about individual posts. However, estimating the reading time every single time you make a post is a tiring task.

That is when the plugin method proves to be handy.

2. Using the plugin method

A plugin is used to calculate the read time automatically. You can change the reading speed, and the read period is adjusted accordingly.

Another benefit of using this option is that you can check or uncheck the read time option every time you make a post. Hence, using a plugin makes WordPress web development flexible.

The steps involved in adding a plugin are:

A. Installation: Download and install the Reading Time WP plugin by clicking –

Plugins –> Add new

B. Activation: Activating the plugin is possible in a single click of a button.

C. Configuration: Go to the settings tab and adjust the fields according to your preference.

3. The PHP solution

Adding additional plugins to your WordPress site might slow down the loading and functioning. An excellent alternative to using plugins and shortcodes is to code using PHP. This option is suitable for development professionals who are familiar with the structure and usage of the language. Wordpress allows you to use the read feature along with meta information.

PHP code is evaluated differently from other HTML information. It contains variables and functions that calculate the total number of words and divide it with the reading speed.

Additional information about adding reading time and WordPress

  1. The average human reading speed is 250 words in a minute.
  2. It is possible to customize the reading time text style when one adds it using a plugin. This is made possible using CSS.
  3. Several WordPress plugins can be used to aid the same task. Some popular ones for adding reading time are: Reading Time WP and SwiftBar


Adding reading time to your posts is a recent trend observed by the blogging industry. It helps you to keep your audience stuck on your content. Besides, it also helps to increase the number of visitors on your site.

There are three possible ways to add the reading time. Each has its own merits and demerits. A person can pick up a method by analyzing what is best for him.

Manually adding the estimated read time is repetitive and boring. If you are a web development expert, using PHP to add reading time to your WordPress post is a great idea. It will take only a few minutes to implement the code. Adding plugins is advised when your WordPress blogs contain a lesser number of plugins.

You can modify the display settings as per the post’s requirement, and with that, you are good to go.

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