Check these 5 Boxes which are Mostly used for Tie Business?

Tie boxes are a great source for offering an individual and distinctive identity, security, and display to the delicate tie items. Since tie are manufactured out of different fabrics which mark their cost and value, their packaging also varies with their essential nature. Depending on the number of security measures that the ties require, their manufacturers choose adaptive boxes that best enhance their visual appeal and also protect them to the maximum until they reach the hands of their end consumers. They are available in the market readily with a number of customization options in their appearance and style. The market has been introduced to a deluge of tie packaging designs in recent years. The choice has become harder for an average consumer who has to spend hours and hours selecting the best designs. Among all of them, the following are the best designs that are reigning over the market.

Window Cut

This is one of the most exquisite and beautiful designs for packaging ties. Multiple brands have adopted it and are reaping their well-deserved benefits. The window on the neck tie boxes is perfect for making the box an alluring attraction for customers in the market. Marketing experts have concluded that packaging is the most important way to lure consumers into spending their money. There are literally millions of ties in the market and the choice for people is not limited at all. In such a clogged marketplace, it’s is important for brands to stand out if they truly want to have a firm space in the market. Getting attention from customers is the first step towards generating a sale. When customers enter a store, they have a slew of items to choose from. Given the vastness of choice, they do not have a lot of time to spend looking at one product only. There is a short window of time that they can allot of every product. In such a limited span of time, only those brands succeed that can grip the consumers that have manufactured attractive packaging. Window box has a window in front of it which is transparent. This is a highly successful idea because it lets consumers see the product without having to hold the box in their hands. When they see a tie beautifully placed inside a transparent box, their senses are triggered and they are more likely to buy the tie.

The Sleeve

Packaging for any brand is a make or break decision for any brand. Hence it requires to be manufactured creatively. And if creativity is required, nothing is better than the sleeve design. This design has a unique appeal and is loved by many. The structure of this tie box packaging is simple yet highly attractive. It has two parts, one upper and the other lower. While the lower part acts as a tray, the upper part is a lid which can be pulled back and forth for opening or closing the box. The simplicity with which this box is designed has earned it commendable popularity among the masses. It also has enough surface area of beautiful and elegant printing.

The Hanger

Tidiness and neatness are crucial elements of the packaging of any kind. Customers that are elegant also want the packaging of their favorite products to be neat and slick. And when it comes to neatness, the hanger tie storage boxes design is unparalleled. The shape of this packaging is elongated which is usually made from cardboard. There is a small opening in the upper section. This opening lets the hanger to be pulled out from the top for effective handling of the packaging. The lower part of the hanger is used to hold the tie and is inside the box. There are two distinct benefits to this design. One is that it allows the ties to be hanged elegantly on the shelves of stores for displaying them beautifully. And the second one is that customers, after buying them, can carry them in a sophisticated manner. It also makes it easier for users to hang them in their cupboards.

Simple Folding Box

While elongated boxes are great for packaging ties, it is not always necessary to package ties like that. Although these are used usually as bow tie boxes, they can also be used for larger ties if the fabric is silky and does not get wrinkles easily. They have a container that stores the tie and a lid that is used to open or close them. The lid sits firmly in top of the box for effective protection. These are shaped like a square and the tie can be placed inside them after it is rolled. The boxes are more manageable because of their smaller sizes. That is why they are also used more often when ties are gifted. Lovely graphics can be printed on them for beautifying them and presenting them as gifts. Because of smaller sizes, they can also be stacked on top of each other to save spaces in store shelves or cupboards. And their smaller size also uses fewer materials for manufacturing which is another positive aspect.

The Classic Handle

One of the most memorable and classy designs, this surely has a sense of nostalgia for it. It has been around for years but its effectiveness and popularity have not gone down, even one bit. The shape of these tie gift boxes is square or rectangular just like a regular box but what sets it apart is the handle that is attached on top of it. This handle adds a unique touch to the packaging. Because of this, the uniqueness and beauty of the packaging reach a whole new level. The handle has to be strong so that it does not get damaged during handling. Hence, this box is made from durable materials such as corrugated which are the best in the market. The discussion has cleared the reasons why these boxes are popular and continue to hold the manufacturing industry in their grip. They have let brands transform from nothing to mega market players over the years. Their uniqueness, elegance, and affordability all combine to give them the punch that is sought after by manufacturers everywhere.

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